Day 24: Our Churches

These people are working for the Lord. They are taking nothing from the people who do not know God. So we should help such people. That way we will be working with them as they teach the truth. - 3 John 7-8

O Lord, blessed be your name.  Thank you for the privilege we have to come to you in prayer.  Today we pray for each and every church that has supported and continues to support World Christian Broadcasting.  Without these churches, World Christian Broadcasting would not be what it is today. Since we don't ask our listeners for support, we rely heavily on churches to work with us to teach the truth.  
Lord, bless each church and church member.  May the money they give be used to further your word and grow your kingdom.  May the work be pleasing to you.  Lord, may the churches that support us increase.  We have great opportunities and challenges before us.  We lean on you to bring us the necessary support.  All this we ask in the name of Jesus, Amen.