Day 40: Global Sunday

As you go into all the world, proclaim the gospel to everyone. - Mark 16:15

Lord, You are most holy, mighty and worthy.  All our praise and thanksgiving is due You. Today we pray for World Christian Broadcasting's Global Sunday.  We pray that the campaign is a blessing to Your kingdom.  Much work is being done now in Your name and we want to do more work.  May Global Sunday bring an increase in support so we can continue to share the gospel message around the world and so we can add to our efforts.
Lord, bless World Christian Broadcasting and bless our wonderful supporters.  We all have been given the same command and desire to "proclaim the gospel to everyone."  Thank you for the gospel of Jesus.  It is Good News!  May your peace and love cover the world.  May every tribe and tongue confess that Jesus is Lord!  In His name, amen!