Day 7: WCB Listeners

But the seed in the good soil, these are the ones who have heard the word in an honest and good heart, and hold it fast, and bear fruit with perseverance. - Luke 8:15

Father, God, Today we pray for the precious people that listen to World Christian Broadcasting.  We are so thankful that there are people the world over that listen to our programming.  People that care about what they are listening to.  People that cherish the message.  People that share the message and encourage others to listen. People that are making a difference in the lives of others and making a difference in your kingdom.
Bless our listeners, Lord!  Bless them with the fullness and richness of your grace and love.  Bless them with the desire to reach lost souls.  Bless them with boldness to proclaim your word and with power to deliver it.  Bless them with hope for the world and with hope for heaven.
May all of our listeners hear the name of Jesus.  May all listeners believe in Jesus.  May all listeners confess Jesus as their Lord.  In His most holy name, Amen