Bulletin Article 2

As Christians, you and I have been charged with these words:  “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.”  That means we are to tell every person we can about Jesus and about what He can do for them now and in the future.

The leaders of this congregation believe a most effective way to deliver the gift of the Good News is through our partnership with World Christian Broadcasting.  On Sunday, October 29, we are planning a special day of giving.  We will join with churches all over the world to do what Jesus said:  Declare the Good News of the Gospel to every person on the planet.  The entire world.

With stations in Alaska and Madagascar, World Christian Broadcasting is now covering the entire world with the Gospel.  They are sending out 35 hours of programming every day in six languages – Russian, Chinese, English, Spanish, Arabic and English for Africa.

This special contribution will help to add more languages.  The immediate plans are to add three more languages – Portuguese, Korean and French.  More than 500 million people speak those three languages.

Let’s join World Christian Broadcasting in their dream.  They have the facilities to reach the world.  They are doing it in six of the earth’s most spoken languages.  Let’s help them send out new languages.

Visit:  www.globalsunday.org and share #wcbglobalsunday on social media.